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How To Build An Abominable Snowman by Dominic Barker
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408305218

Max and Molly are horrified at the idea of living on their parents' emergency stock of baked beans if they are snowed in. They set out to find a way of getting a snowplough to clear their road and the only answer seems to be a visit from an abominable snowman. In this wintery guide to trouble, Max and Molly show us how to deal not only with problems in the snow but also with troublesome grown-ups. Here is another hilarious tale about the Pesker twins. It is brilliantly written by this fantastic author who has an amazing insight into children's curiosity and logic.

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The Snow Merchant by Sam Gayton
Andersen Press ISBN 9781849393348

Lettie lives in a house on stilts with only her bird Periwinkle for company. Her father spends most of his time away from the house and her mother vanished long ago. One winter's night the Snow Merchant arrives announcing himself as the greatest alchemist ever and claiming to be the inventor of something that no-one else yet knows about - snow. Lettie's dreams are full of the memory of her mother so when the Snow Merchant mentions her, Lettie is overcome with a desire to find her again. At this point her life changes for ever. This is an amazing book in which original and imaginative ideas burst from the pages. It is hugely entertaining - a real page-turner.

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