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Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: School of Meanies by Daren King
Quercus Books ISBN 9780857383822

What could be worse than Ghost School? Humphrey Bump soon finds that Still-Alive School is just as bad. Even with the help of his ghostie friends, things just aren't going well for him. The still-alives are so mean and when Humphrey meets the lovely Amelia even she says she can't be his friend as he is a ghosty. But Humphrey soon realises that the biggest meanie of all is the Headmaster. Find out how Humphrey deals with the meanies in this exciting and funny story of the frightfully friendly ghosties complemented by super illustrations.

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Death of a Chimney Sweep by Cora Harrison
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848121591

It seems to Alfie that no-one is worried about the death of a young boy but Alfie feels sure that Joe the chimney sweep has been murdered. With the help of his brother and their friends, he sets out to investigate and discover the truth even though it means putting their own lives in danger. This exciting, atmospheric murder mystery is the latest in The London Murder Mysteries, a gripping series set in Victorian London. It is an entertaining and thrilling story - a real page-turner.

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