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Spy Toys: Undercover by Mark Powers
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408870907

The Spy Toys - Dan, Arabella and Flax - are back to solve their latest mystery. An entire chocolate factory has vanished into thin air. The main suspect who used to work as a scientist at the factory is now teaching in a local school so the intrepid trio need to go undercover in the school to investigate. When Flax is introduced to a secret society by one of the schoolboys, he soon realises all is not what it initially seemed. Will his own secret organisation be able to accomplish its mission? Here is a fast-moving and gripping adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. The story is accompanied by brilliant and humorous illustrations.

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To the Edge of the World by Julia Green
Oxford ISBN 9780192758453

Jamie loves his idyllic life on a remote island off the coast of Scotland. He adores running down to the beach early in the morning but he doesn't ever venture into the sea, fearing the water with its surging tides. Mara however is fearless. They have very different personalities but as they get to know each other a strong bond develops between them, with Mara's adorable dog Django ever-present. But how will they manage on a wild and dangerous adventure at sea? Will Jamie ever become as brave and bold as Mara? Allow yourself to be swept away by this exciting and intriguing story. The beautiful atmospheric setting might make you want to discover a remote island for yourself.

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