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Spy Toys: Out of Control by Mark Powers
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408870884

The Spy Toys are ready for their next mission. The secret code that controls all the Snaztacular Ultrafun toys has been stolen and toys everywhere are no longer playing nicely with the children who own them. It's up to Dan, Arabella and Flax - also known as the Spy Toys - to get the code back and restore fair play in homes across the world. Who stole the top-secret information? And will the Spy Toys have the necessary courage to track down the evil mastermind in time? Here is the latest exciting adventure in this action-packed series. The story with its super illustrations is great fun and very entertaining.

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Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl
Usborne ISBN 9781474915014

Darkness gathers in the lives of Lily and Robert when they find themselves part of the search for criminal mastermind Jack Door. Jack is an infamous escapologist and he has recently escaped from Pentonville Prison. He is determined to find the missing treasure known as the Moonlocket. Could something in Robert's past hold the secret to the Moonlocket? Can Lily, Robert and their friend Malkin stay one step ahead of Jack? These are dangerous times for the young friends. This gripping adventure will have you on the edge of your seat and the characters will take you on an exciting journey through Victorian London.

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