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Fizzlebert Stump by A F Harrold
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408830031

Fizz lives in a travelling circus with his parents. He quite enjoys this lifestyle with the clowns and acrobats but he realises he is missing having friends of his own age. In rather unusual circumstances he joins a library and it is now that his life takes a surprising turn - with some strange consequences. He does however meet a new set of people! This is a fantastic laugh-out-loud story about a quirky and lovable character. Humour abounds - and this unique tale is complemented by wonderful line illustrations.

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The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne
Doubleday ISBN 9780857531469

Barnaby Brocket is a very unusual boy. He defies the laws of gravity - and floats. His parents try to take steps to keep him firmly on the ground but, at the end of their tether, they decide to release Barnaby. At first he is horrified - but when he floats towards a rather special hot air balloon a new, magical life begins for Barnaby. This imaginative tale is beautifully written and the colourful characters are very entertaining. How lovely to read about someone discovering that, even in extraordinary circumstances, there is nothing better than just being yourself.

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