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Spy Pups: Treasure Quest by Andrew Cope
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141326030

Canine secret agent Lara has two brand new puppies who are following hot in their mother's paw prints. Spud and Star, on their first mission, find themselves in the middle of an adventure near Aunt Aggie's smuggler's cottage. There's a legend of hidden gold in the nearby ancient castle. Can the spy pups reach the treasure in time?

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Forbidden Island by Malcolm Rose
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9780746098639

On a sailing trip off the coast of Scotland, Mike and his friends come across a hidden island, invisible on maps or satnav. As they explore the island they make some chilling discoveries. As they begin to see that the island holds a dangerous secret, they realise they are in a terrifying race against time before they too become victims of the forbidden island.

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