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The Accidental Secret Agent by Tom McLaughlin
Oxford ISBN 9780192744395

Kevin's daydreaming is legendary - currently about being a secret agent. His daydreaming causes him problems at school but when he is recruited for MI7 his problems could turn into real danger. He has to find information about one of the greatest criminal masterminds. Can Kevin really deal with the world's toughest agents and meanest villains? But remember it's all top secret so you'll have to read the story to find out what happens. This book is a real page-turner and this author, with the word 'laugh' in his name, certainly is licensed to amuse!

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The Lights Under the Lake by Sophie Cleverly
HarperCollins ISBN 9780008218331

The twins Scarlet and Ivy are very excited when they hear about the school trip staying on the shores of a lake. It sounds idyllic but dark secrets lurk both in the old hotel and in the deep waters of the lake. Very soon mysterious things start to happen and the holiday takes a turn for the worse. Perhaps the ringing of church bells late at night and lights under the lake indicate that those buried in the flooded graveyard no longer lie peacefully. Here is another thrilling adventure in this exciting series that is action-packed from start to finish. It will have you on the edge of your seat.

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