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Help! Iím an Alien by Jo Franklin
Troika Books ISBN 9781909991293

Daniel has always felt different from other people - different from his family, his friends and in fact everyone else in the world. His big sister tells him this is because he is an alien who was adopted by her parents. Daniel enlists the help of his two friends Freddo and Gordon and they set out to get him back to his home planet. After several mishaps along the way, including his parents being put into great danger, Daniel realises he must rethink his strategy. This is a hilarious and imaginative story. It is fast-paced and entertaining and will appeal to both boys and girls.

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The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth by Katherine Woodfine
Egmont ISBN 9781405276184

Sophie and Lil are commissioned to find a stolen brooch known as the Jewelled Moth. With the help of their friends Joe and Billy they set out to uncover the dreadful deeds and secrets of London's most wanted criminal. The story moves between high society and the darker side of London life. Will their cunning, ingenuity and bravery be enough to find the dangerous criminal in time? This is an exciting and atmospheric mystery that is brilliantly written. It has great characters and is a real page-turner.

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