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Thanks for Telling Me, Emily by Deirdre Madden
Orchard Books ISBN 9781846163326

When Keira goes to work in her Aunt Emily's pet shop, she doesn't realise what an incredible summer it is going to be. The shop is packed with extraordinary animals, and then the bizarre Mrs Henrietta Fysshe-Pye comes to town. When she decides she simply must have some pets, things really start to happen....

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Sky Wolves by Livi Michael
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141319247

When Sam's aunt rescues a lost dog, Sam knows that something incredible is going to happen. Jenny the Jack Russell may be a stray, but she is no ordinary dog. Jenny is more special than Sam could ever imagine.... But Jenny is in danger, and now Sam, Jenny and a gang of fellow runaways face an extraordinary journey. The sky wolves are on their trail, and they won't stop until the rest of the world is destroyed.

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