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The Giraffes of Whispering Wood by Joshua Davidson
Oxford ISBN 9780192764058

Will and his classmates paint a giant mural at the local zoo. When he pays a late night visit to the zoo, Will is fascinated to see the painted animals light up. Then to his astonishment the glowing gates swing open and he is transported into the mysterious world of the Night Zoo. As the Night Zookeeper his task is to protect the giraffes and other creatures from the robotic Voids that are trying to destroy the zoo animals. Will he, with the help of his friend Riya, be able to overcome the evil Voids? This is an exciting and magical story that is action-packed. This adventure with its super illustrations will appeal to boys and girls alike.

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The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408882191

Four children find themselves alone and in danger after their plane has crashed in the rainforest. Although they think there is little chance of being rescued, they also know they must retain hope and use their skills and instincts for survival. They gradually find signs that someone has been there before them and when they discover a map, they are led to a ruined city. Can they possibly survive in this beautiful but hostile environment? This is a gripping adventure and a fantastic story full of suspense. The setting with its vivid and exotic landscapes will captivate any would-be explorers.

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