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Trolls on Hols by Alan MacDonald
Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN 9780747586302

It's summer and Ulrik's friends all seem to be going on something called 'holiday'. So the Troll family is very excited when their neighbours, the Priddles, invite them on a caravan trip. But when they arrive at the campsite, the Priddles suddenly don't seem so pleased to see them. Worse still, rumours surface of a Wild Beast stalking the countryside nearby. Rather than sitting on the beach, it seems Ulrik may have a mystery to solve...

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Jack Bolt and the Highwaymen’s Hideout by Richard Hamilton
Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN 9780747585107

When a gang of highwaymen break into Jack Bolt's bedroom, they are in for a surprise - this is the 21st century! Luckily for them, Jack agrees to keep their secret if he can see their world, where he quickly gets caught up in a breathtaking and dangerous adventure. This galloping tale will delight all would-be time travellers from beginning to end.

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