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The Royal Rabbits of London by Santa & Simon Montefiore
Simon & Schuster ISBN 9781471157868

Shylo the young rabbit dreams of adventures. He wishes that instead of being the smallest and quietest of his family he could be the cleverest and most courageous. When the opportunity arises for Shylo to go on a quest to enter the world of the royal rabbits of London and help them to defend the Queen, will he be able to summon up the courage he thinks he lacks? Can the smallest ever be the biggest in the field of heroics? This is a charming story that is beautifully written. It is action-packed and full of fun and is sure to delight young readers.

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The Thornthwaite Betrayal by Gareth P Jones
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848125797

Peace reigns at last between the twins Lorelli and Ovid in the remains of the burnt-out Thornthwaite Manor, but for how long? When strange goings-on begin to happen including some near-fatalities they wonder who is behind such dreadful deeds. They are not trying to harm each other so they wonder who exactly is behind the Thornthwaite betrayal. There are a few suspects! This is an exciting page-turner of a book by this super author. With its intriguing characters this fantastic mystery will grip its readers from start to finish.

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