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Treasure of the Golden Skull by Chris Priestley
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408873106

Mildew and Sponge are back for another adventure in Maudlin Towers! Although they dislike their school intensely they are horrified to hear it might close and realise they must do something to help. Could Greenbeard the Pirate be a clue and could there really be treasure on the island haunted by the ghost of Greenbeard? As the only written clue to the treasure is disintegrating in front of their eyes, are Mildew and Sponge going to be able to save the day? This hilarious action-packed story has super illustrations by the author. It will entertain young readers who enjoy strange goings-on in a rather unusual school.

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The Missing Barbegazi by H S Norup
Pushkin Press ISBN 9781782691815

Tessa is overcome with grief after the death of her grandfather. She knows that she must find the barbegazi she has heard of in her grandfather's tales but she doesn't realise how involved in their lives she will become. Gawion and his family are finding the winter very hard but the worst thing is Gawion's sister Maeg has disappeared. Can Tessa discover her grandfather's secret and will she and Gawion be able to find Maeg? Should all secrets be found out or should some be kept secret? This magical story is set in the wonderful week between Christmas and New Year. It is beautifully written and is perfect for readers to enjoy on a cold winter's day.

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