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Escape from the Tower by Santa & Simon Montefiore
Simon & Schuster ISBN 9781471157899

Shylo Tawny-Tail is rather small but is big on a sense of adventure and is proud to be called one of the Royal Rabbits of London. They help to fight evil across the world but their immediate problem is near to home in London's skyscraping Shard. There the terrible Ratzis are plotting to cause mayhem when the President of the United States of America is visiting. When Shylo is kidnapped it seems that all might be doomed. Will he be able to escape in time? This is the latest in this beautifully presented series. It is an exciting page-turner of a book and will grip its readers from start to finish.

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Father Christmas And Me by Matt Haig
Canongate ISBN 9781786890689

It sounds fun to be living in Elfhelm with your adoptive parents Father Christmas and Mary Christmas but, as Amelia has found out, as a human it is not always easy. Of course sleighcraft lessons and general happiness lessons can be more interesting than usual school subjects but it is extremely cold and singing Christmas songs every day does become rather tedious. When a jealous animal army launch an attack to stop Christmas, can Amelia with her family and the elves sort things out before it is too late? This is another super story from this great writer and the book features wonderful illustrations. It would be an ideal Christmas present for boys and girls alike!

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