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The Magical Detectives and the Forbidden Spell by Brian Keaney
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408306826

Otto Spinoza, his friend Juliet and her cat Cornelius are now a real part of the Magical Detective Agency with its founder Maximillian Hawksmoor. Their latest mission is to locate a priceless clay tablet that has been stolen from a major exhibition. They soon find themselves on a risky journey needing all their impressive skills of detection. This exciting adventure draws the reader into the heart of magic and mystery. It is a gripping tale that will leave you hoping for another book in this series.

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My Name is Rose by Sally Grindley
Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN 9781408814024

Rose is a Romani gypsy who lives a happy life in the security of her loving family - until one day her whole life is turned upside-down. She finds herself in a completely new world where, very much against her wishes, she has to conform to the lifestyle of a family who could never replace her own. Will Rose be able, through the power of music and her own determination, to re-discover some of her former life? This is a wonderfully written book with an amazing portrayal of its main character - a real page-turner.

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