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The Howling Castle by Steve Rogers
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141323732

'Welcome to Fright Night! So here we are in the corridors of Castle Dragomir.' The cast and crew of the Fright Night TV show are filming at the spookiest castle they've ever seen! The owner looks eerily like Count Dracula, growling wolves bare their fangs in the forest below and there's even talk of ghosts and ghouls. Twins Adam and Lana suspect the count has something to hide - can they uncover the mystery of the creepy castle before it's too late?

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The Baker Street Mysteries The Dragon Tattoo by Tim Pigott-Smith
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9780340957035

Sherlock Holmes has disappeared. As page-boy Billy Chizzell searches London for his master, he is helped by the other Irregulars - Potts, Edie, Sam and Titch. And so they are drawn into the dangerous world of the Dragon Clan of Shanghai.

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