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The Bolds by Julian Clary
Andersen ISBN 9781783443055

When the Bolds arrive in West London they are seen to be rather unusual. Perhaps that is because they are not human - they are hyenas! They try to keep this fact a secret, often with very funny consequences. A visit to the local safari park heralds the start of a new chapter in the Bolds' lives with their daring rescue of another hyena. But for how long will they be able to keep their secret from their nosy neighbour? And will they ever be accepted in the neighbourhood? Here is a hilarious tale that is full of warmth and fun thanks to the delightful characters and inventive storyline. It is sure to be a great hit!

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Binny in Secret by Hilary McKay
Hodder ISBN 9781444913408

The holidays are over and it's back to school. Binny hates everything about it so when a storm damages their house and they have to move Binny hopes to escape from school - but not for long. When one of the chickens disappears and Binny finds strange footprints she has a mystery to solve. It would be so much easier if she had a friend. Binny's story is interwoven with a tale of three children in the same area a hundred years ago who have to face the onset of war. This is a fantastic book in which the characters' hopes, thoughts and worries are captured brilliantly. It is a real page-turner, a lot of the time very funny but also poignant.

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