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Lob by Linda Newbery
David FicklingBooks ISBN 9781849920490

Lucy and Grandpa Will spend a lot of time together in Grandpa's garden. More than anything, Lucy hopes to meet the mysterious green man who has been an important part of Grandpa's life. Grandpa tells her that you have to be a very special person to see Lob. Will Lucy be one of those special people? And after something dreadful happens in Lucy's life, what will happen to Lob? This is a beautifully written magical tale enhanced by lovely illustrations. At the end of the story the brilliantly drawn characters will stay in your own imagination. Perhaps you will see Lob in your garden.

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The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo
Egmont Books ISBN 9781742751986

When his secret forest kingdom is invaded by sorcerer viridees, the young Prince Timoken has to flee. Timoken embarks on a dangerous journey with a magical moon cloak for protection. He is able to talk to animals and also fly. But as Timoken and his camel Gabar search for a new kingdom to call home, they are pursued by the viridees who want the moon cloak. This gripping story is a page-turner of an adventure. It is full of energy and will have you on the edge of your seat.

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