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Fridays with the Wizards by Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408858417

Celie and friends are safely back home in Castle Glower and they have plenty to do looking after the griffins. When they discover the evil and frightening wizard Arkwright has gone missing they immediately know the importance of finding him. He might well be within the castle walls but it is no easy task tracking him down. With danger lurking in the secret passageways, wall panels, trapdoors and tapestries, will they win in this race against time? This is the latest adventure in the Castle Glower series. The characters are well-drawn and it is a heartwarming and entertaining story.

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How to Capture an Invisible Cat by Paul Tobin
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408869970

Nate Bannister is the school genius, always creating amazing inventions or solving apparently impossible equations. He is the least likely person for Delphine to befriend but she is fascinated by him - and his talking dog. Nate's latest initiative is to super-size Proton the cat before making him invisible. With Proton on the loose, everyone in town is in danger. There are also huge problems with the criminal Red Death Tea Society. Will Nate and Delphine be able to save the day? This is a very funny story - the first in a new series. If you feel like reading a wacky, hilarious page-turner then this is the book for you!

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