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Boobela and Worm to the Rescue by Joe Friedman
Orion Children's Books ISBN 9781842556825

Boobela is a young giant whose life changed when she met Worm. Boobela has to rescue her parents who have been taken prisoner in the Dabushta Jungle. She and Worm make the dangerous journey in a hot-air balloon, on a surfboard and a raft. They come across wild jungle animals, make new friends and have many adventures on the way. But can they deal with the dangerous Ralo? And will they be able to complete their quest? This book is beautifully written and has amazing illustrations throughout. The unique characters and unusual storyline make for a truly memorable read.

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Titanic: Death on the Water by Tom and Tony Bradman
A & C Black ISBN 9781408155813

Billy is working in the shipyard on the giant ship Titanic. It is a dangerous life but Billy manages to find work on this floating city rather than in the dockyard. However even when Titanic sets off on its maiden voyage it is not all plain sailing for Billy as he has to avoid the taunts and bullying of a mean young colleague. Of course things become really dangerous when they hit the famous iceberg and Billy has to discover just how brave he is. The well-known story of the sinking of Titanic has been complemented here by the fictional creation of Billy. It is a brilliantly written book and is a real page-turner.

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