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The Great Cat Conspiracy by Katie Davies
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781847385970

Anna and Tom have a New Cat but they are not too thrilled by the 'presents' he brings into the house, particularly the head of the vicar's very expensive Koi Carp. When the New Cat vanishes, they feel sure he has been kidnapped - but who is responsible? So begins the investigation... This is a hilarious adventure written with great insight into children's relationships with animals - and with grown-ups.

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Theodore Boone by John Grisham
Hodder ISBN 9781444714500

With both parents in the legal profession, the law is second nature to Theodore Boone, even at the age of thirteen. There is to be a murder trial in Theo's home city and although Theo is keen to follow the case as closely as possible he suddenly finds himself dragged into the middle of this sensational trial. Is Theo the only person who knows the truth? This is a fantastic page-turner of a book. It is brilliantly written, informative and entertaining - altogether it is a stunningly good read.

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