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Cakes in Space by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre
Oxford ISBN 9780192734563

Astra is travelling through space to her family's new home in Nova Mundi, so far from Earth that it will take them 199 years to get there. The idea that the Nom-O-Tron Food Synthesizer can create any food is rather appealing to Astra. But when Astra asks for the most amazing cake ever, so delicious that it's scary, she doesn't realise how scary life could become. Can she and her robot friend Pilbeam save the spaceship from complete destruction by so many cakey fiends? This is an exciting book with super characters that will delight boys and girls alike. It is a real page-turner with fantastic illustrations throughout.

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A Whisper of Wolves by Kris Humphrey
Stripes ISBN 9781847155962

A long time has passed since the kingdom of Meridina was invaded by the evil Narlaw but it seems that these sinister beings are approaching. Only the guardians of the wild, the Whisperers and their animal companions, have any hope of defending the realm. Will Alice and her wolf friend Storm be able to protect Meridina with the help of the other Whisperers before time runs out? This is a brilliant story - mysterious and atmospheric with fantastic characters. It is the first of a new series so look out for the next Guardians of the Wild book.

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