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The Great Brain Robbery by Anna Kemp
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9780857079961

All the children in Frankie's class are desperate to get their hands on the latest toy, a mechanimal. Frankie is delighted to receive a Gadget the Rabbit for his birthday - but it soon becomes obvious that all is not right. There is a dreadful scheme afoot to infiltrate children's minds using these robot toys. Will Frankie and his friends be able to stop this evil scheme before it is too late? This madcap action-packed adventure is a real page-turner. There are fantastic characters in this laugh out loud tale that is enhanced by amusing illustrations.

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The Woebegone Twins by Christopher William Hill
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408330135

Here is the latest tale from Schwartzgarten, the town children love to read about but would probably sooner not live in! The twins Greta and Feliks live with their adored Aunt Gisela who used to be an actress. Through her they come across some amazing people such as Mr Morbide who has a remarkable resemblance to a vampire. The twins soon learn that people and events are not always as they first seem! This is a brilliant story with wonderful characters. It will delight readers who prefer the extraordinary to the ordinary and who enjoy books in which imaginative ideas burst from the pages.

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