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A Chase in Time by Sally Nicholls
Nosy Crow ISBN 9780857638984

Alex and his sister Ruby love staying with their aunt at Applecott House with its large garden, playroom and their aunt's pets. In the rambling house there are many interesting artefacts from around the world but Alex's favourite is an old mirror that hangs in the hall by the stairs. This mirror is the start of a magical adventure for Alex and Ruby when they fall backwards in time to 1912 and, among other things, find themselves in hot pursuit of some criminals. But will they be able to find their way back to the present? This action-packed story is beautifully written and presented. It is the first in a new time-travel series so if you enjoy this book look out for the next exciting story.

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The Afterwards by A F Harrold
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408894316

Ember and Ness live next door to each other and are best friends. They are in the same class at school, they share their lunch and snacks and they enjoy doing things together. Suddenly fate intervenes and Ness is no longer in Ember's life. Ember's father, Harry, is very understanding of her feelings. Ember is determined to bring Ness back and somehow manages to make her way into the Afterworld with its darkness and dangers. She doesn't want to ever give up on Ness. Here is another extraordinary book by this wonderful writer. Atmospheric images help to tell this powerful and moving story about family and friendship - and love and loyalty.

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