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Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney
Faber and Faber ISBN 9780571233243

Dear Friends, When Og the Frog came to live in Room 26, I felt a little jealous. Still, I tried to be welcoming but I soon discovered that it's HARD-HARD-HARD to make friends with a lumpy, bumpy frog! Then I found out that my fellow students were having problems with their friends, too. A.J. and Garth had to deal with a bully named Mean Martin Bean. Heidi and Gail had a terrible argument, and Miranda-Golden had a new stepsister who wasn't nice at all. Then there was the Poetry Festival, the magic show and the snowstorm! How could one small hamster solve all those problems? Luckily, I wrote the whole story in my notebook so you could share in my adventures.

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Saving Finnegan by Sally Grindley
Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN 9780747586173

One morning Holly wakes early to find an amazing thing has happened overnight Ė a whale has been stranded on the beach below her house. Soon she is at the forefront of efforts to save the whale. But things arenít as simple as she would like, and when the small island community is divided over what course of action to take, Holly finds herself engaged in a battle in which she has some unlikely friends and foes. Interwoven with the important theme of death, this is a powerful and hugely enjoyable novel by Smarties Gold Medal winning author Sally Grindley.

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