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One Christmas Wish by Katherine Rundell
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408885734

It's Christmas Eve and Theo is helping to decorate the Christmas tree. Theo's parents are still at work and his babysitter has fallen asleep. He feels so alone. When he sees a strange looking star soaring across the sky he decides to make a wish. How he wishes not to be alone! Suddenly the decorations come to life and tell Theo that anything he would like to happen could happen. And so begins a magical adventure for Theo and his new friends. This is a delightful story set in the present day but, enhanced by the lovely illustrations, it conjures up a warm feeling of the traditional Christmas spirit.

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Polly and the Puffin: The Happy Christmas by Jenny Colgan
Little, Brown Books ISBN 9781510200920

Polly can't wait for Christmas but it is taking an awfully long time to arrive. She and her puffin friend Neil have made their Christmas lists and practised the Nativity play but, when Polly's mother says she will take Polly to see Santa, Polly is disappointed that Neil can't go with them. Then Polly gives Santa the wrong list. Will they be able to sort things out in time for Christmas Day? And will a little puffling hatch in time for the celebrations? This is a lovely festive story ideal for young readers on their own or reading together. There are fun Christmas facts, jokes and activities to be enjoyed at the end of the book.

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