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Dirty Bertie: Aliens! by Alan MacDonald & David Roberts
Stripes ISBN 9781847155122

Bertie's back - with three of his latest adventures. Bertie is fascinated by the idea of seeing comets, shooting stars and, most of all, aliens. How would you react if two aliens arrived at your front door? When Eugene suggests an exciting day birdwatching, Bertie can't think of anything more boring - but then he wouldn't mind spotting a hawk. Bertie has to think up ideas for making his school report a bit more acceptable but perhaps Bertie's idea of improving his report won't fool his parents. This comic character is very popular with boys and girls alike. With super illustrations throughout, this book is great for newly confident readers or for reading together.

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The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408868041

Miss Petitfour's life is full of fun and adventures. She loves baking - and eating - little cakes and she also loves her adorable cat companions. Above all she loves to fly, which she does most days, on a tablecloth with each cat's tail wrapped round another. She might choose to fly this way or that but sometimes she flies whichever way the wind takes her. Her expeditions may start out in an ordinary way such as with a trip to a jumble sale or they may be to prepare birthday treats for one of her feline friends. This is an absolutely delightful, heartwarming book with beautiful illustrations and, thanks to Miss Petitfour, a child's vocabulary will be broadened by the magic of words!

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