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Amy Wild, Animal Talker: The Musical Mouse by Diana Kimpton
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9781409504306

Amy has been given a special present - a magic necklace that gives her the power to talk to animals! Amy feels rather nervous about the first day at her new school but the day becomes exciting when a mouse called Mozart appears in the music lesson. However the teachers are not at all happy. Can Amy find Mozart a new home and save his life?

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Mammoth Academy: Surf's Up! by Neal Layton
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9780340989678

Oscar and Arabella start the new year at the Mammoth Academy with some new students, two pygmy mammoths. They come from a different part of the Mammoth Lands and are not familiar with snow or skiing. They are cool surf dudes! When news arrives that their island is under threat - possibly from humans - the new friends set out on a rescue mission to the faraway island.

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