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The Twitches Bake a Cake by Hayley Scott
Usborne ISBN 9781474928137

Stevie has recently moved from the city to the country and she adores the teacup house and its little family of toy rabbits, the Twitches, that Nanny Blue gave her. She is delighted to be helping her mum ice a big cake for their moving-in party. But when the Twitch children, Fig and Silver, see the amazing glittery icing on the cake, they decide to make a surprise cake for their parents. And so begins an exciting adventure - but will they be able to make their cake without being seen by the humans? This is a lovely book for children reading on their own or reading together. The story is complemented by wonderful illustrations that will delight and amuse readers.

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Horace and Harriet: The Sports Spectacular by Clare Elsom
Oxford ISBN 9780192758781

Horace and Harriet are great friends although they are an unlikely pair - Harriet is seven and three-quarters and Horace is a statue who is almost 388 years old and who comes to life! Harriet spends quite a lot of time stopping Horace getting into trouble and when the Sports Spectacular comes to town she has certainly got her work cut out for her. Horace does get into the spirit of the games but will he be able to cope with Coach Whipston - and his new notoriety as champion-in-waiting? Laugh your way through this super story with fantastic illustrations by the author. The characters are engaging and great fun and they will appeal to boys and girls alike.

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