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Cudweed in Outer Space by Marcus Sedgwick
Orion ISBN 9781444004830

Cudweed persuades his father to let him buy a spaceship kit that he sees in a comic found in the attic of the castle where he lives. After managing to assemble the spaceship, Cudweed and his pet monkey Fellah set off on an exciting adventure into outer space. When the spaceship is hit by a missile they see the Thrillons waving. But are they waving in friendship or in anger? And will the two adventurers get back to the castle in time for cakes and scones? This is a super book for young readers to enjoy on their own or reading together. It is a great story with fantastic colour illustrations throughout.

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I Don't Believe It, Archie! by Andrew Norriss
David Fickling Books ISBN 9781849920803

Archie doesn't actually set out looking for the rather strange things that happen to him every day. His new friend Cyd finds it all very exciting and is delighted to be part of his escapades. Archie's mum doesn't believe it - and you won't either! Especially after a whole week's worth of hilarious happenings in Archie's life. This is a brilliantly written book that is entertaining and very funny. It has wonderful characters and will delight boys and girls alike. If you like it as much as I do then look out for more of Archie's amazing adventures.

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