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Kasia's Surprise by Stella Gurney
Walker Books ISBN 9781406323313

Kasia and her Mum have come to live in England but Kasia misses everything about her old home in Poland. She particularly misses her grandparents so she keeps in touch with them by letter. Kasia isn't really looking forward to the long summer holidays but there is a lovely surprise in store for her. This is another fantastic book in the Walker Stories series, as always with super illustrations throughout.

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Aunt Severe and the Dragons by Nick Garlick
Andersen Press ISBN 9781849390552

Daniel's parents are explorers. After their latest expedition they vanish so Daniel has to go and live with his very strict and very odd Great-Aunt Emily - known to Daniel as Aunt Severe. He is not the least bit happy about this but his problems worsen when he finds four lost dragons hiding in the garden. This is a beautifully written story, with imaginative characters, that is fun to read from beginning to end.

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