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Medal Mayhem by Tamsyn Murray
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781847387301

Harriet Houdini, star of the television programme Superpets, is picked to take part in the London Animalympics. She begins training for the triple jump with the world famous athlete Calvin Cross. With such a fantastic personal trainer and with Harriet's enthusiasm she should be well on her way to success but all does not run smoothly when the bunny-napping Maldini appears on the scene. Will Harriet be able to hop, skip and jump to the gold medal? This wacky character is great fun. Medal Mayhem is a laugh out loud story with fantastic illustrations throughout. It will entertain children reading on their own or reading together.

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Super Soccer Boy and the Raging Robots by Judy Brown
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848121621

Harry and his friends are excited to be going to a tournament at Wembley with lots of top players taking part. Harry can't believe it when his favourite player is sent off the field and later other players also start to behave in very unusual ways. Harry notices strange things happen when the owner of one of the teams, Anton Antovich, is around. Could Antovich be responsible? Harry has to use all his Super Soccer Boy powers to reveal Antovich's plan. This is a humorous and gripping story. It is very well written and brilliantly illustrated by the author. If you enjoy it as much as I did, look out for the other books in the series.

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