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My Naughty Little Puppy: A Home for Rascal by Holly Webb
Stripes Publishing ISBN 9781847151285

Rascal by name and rascal by nature! The Thomas family are going to have a puppy - at last. Ellie would like a cuddly puppy to sleep on the end of her bed but her older brother and sister have ideas of their own. In this lovely story Ellie learns how to look after a young animal and she also learns just how naughty a puppy can be. Will Ellie be able to keep up with Rascal?

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Grubtown Tales: Trick Eggs and Rubber Chickens by Philip Ardagh
Faber and Faber ISBN 9780571247936

Another hilarious saga in Grubtown! The new Grubtown Aquarium and Carwash is set to open, the mayor finally finishes knitting his new home and the Fox family are out for revenge - just some of the mad goings-on in this zany place. Crazy capers, dodgy dealings and mad moments surround the inhabitants and fill the pages of this fantastic story.

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