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King of the Sky by Nicola Davies
Walker ISBN 9781406348613

A small boy feels lost in his new home. No-one speaks his language and he is surrounded by grey weather and grey chimneys. Soon he is befriended by an old man who keeps pigeons and who smiles when he sees his birds soaring up to the sky. He offers one to his young neighbour who names him Re del Cielo - King of the Sky. When King of the Sky is sent to Rome by train, will he be able to find his way back? Or will he want to stay with the bright sunshine and the lovely smell of ice cream? Where does he really belong? This is a beautifully written and illustrated story that will capture the hearts of readers young and old. It is sure to delight boys and girls alike.

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Harper and the Night Forest by Cerrie Burnell
Scholastic ISBN 9781407172767

Harper and her friends hear that there is an ice raven living in the Night Forest. This mysterious bird sings a magical song that can soften even the hardest of hearts. The Wild Conductor tries to enlist their help as he plans to capture the ice raven and create the greatest orchestra ever. But soon Harper wonders what might happen if the ice raven left the enchanted forest. Who should the young friends help? Should such a free spirit ever be captured? With its magic and mystery, here is another story in this wonderful series full of delightful and imaginative characters.

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