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Frankieís Magic Football: Deep Sea Dive by Frank Lampard
Little, Brown Books ISBN 9780349132136

Frankie and his friends are mad about football and with Frankie's magic football they are never quite sure of their next exciting adventure. They set out on the boating lake but they are soon overcome by the power of a whirlpool and quickly find themselves in an underwater world. When they meet a friendly mermaid and her family who face the dangers of the evil sharks, will Frankie and his friends be able to help them restore their city? This is a lovely story about fun and friendship. It is a fantasy adventure that is sure to appeal to both boys and girls, reading on their own or reading together.

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Harper and the Circus of Dreams by Cerrie Burnell
Scholastic ISBN 9781407157405

There is always magic in a circus but a fantastic air of mystery surrounds the Circus of Dreams that travels by wind and arrives in secret wherever it goes. When Harper and her friends soar into the sky on the Scarlet Umbrella they find themselves heading towards their next adventure. Who is the girl in the sky? Will she take them to the Circus of Dreams? And will Harper discover anything about her past and find out what happened to her parents? This is a stunning book, brilliantly written with beautiful illustrations. It is sure to captivate children's imaginations and to inspire readers to follow their dreams.

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