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The Mudcrusts: Chief Troubles by Damian Harvey
A & C Black ISBN 9781408113837

Meet the Mudcrusts, the ice-age family with a difference! Lowbrow challenges Chief Hawknose to a trial to become chief of the tribe. He feels sure he will make a better chief. But how will he deal with Hawknose if he tries to cheat again as he did previously? Can Lowbrow make a cunning plan in time? This delightful story is sure to keep young readers amused.

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Pigs in Planes: The Big Baad Sheep by Paul Cooper
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141328430

The latest emergency in Animal Paradise has the Pigs in Planes heading for Sheep Island. All is not well at Flockingham Palace as the Golden Fleece, worn by the Monarch of Sheep Island, is in danger of being stolen. The Queen has to go to the Opening Ceremony at the Houses of Baaliament but can the Pigs in Planes ensure the safety of the Golden Fleece? Laugh out loud as you romp through this hilarious adventure.

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