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My Hamster is an Astronaut by Dave Lowe
Templar ISBN 9781848772946

When Ben Jinks announces that he's going to build a rocket for the school science competition, his mega-brainy hamster is more than a little surprised. Stinky realises he will have to do most of the hard work - and be very involved in the launch! But there's a cunning plan afoot to upset their ambitious competition entry. Will Ben and Stinky get their rocket off the ground? This is a very funny story in the fantastic Stinky and Jinks series. Laugh your socks off as Ben and Stinky aim for the stars.

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Catch that Bat! by Adam Frost
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408827086

Tom and Sophie love living on a houseboat with their parents who both work with animals. In their latest adventure they learn a lot about nocturnal creatures that prowl and swoop while most humans are sleeping. They particularly become involved with a young bat who is in danger. Will Tom and Sophie's moonlight vigil help to reunite the young bat with its family? This is a fantastic story that gives detailed information about working with animals. It is full of zoological facts and is great fun for young readers on their own or reading together.

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