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Fairground Surprise by Linda Newbery
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9781409522034

Barney loves living on Jim's narrowboat and he particularly enjoys it when Jim's young grandson is staying with them. Freddie is hoping to buy his grandfather a surprise birthday present but he is horrified when his piggy bank with all his savings falls into the canal. He tries to rescue it but things really start to go wrong and Barney realises it is time for him to try and sort things out. This is a warm-hearted adventure in this lovely series. It is about fun, loyalty and friends and is ideal for newly-confident young readers.

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My Uncle Foulpest: Dinosaur Disaster by Timothy Knapman
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781847389725

Wally is a fairly regular young boy with a very unusual uncle. Uncle Foulpest's name is rather odd but the really odd thing is that he is an ogre and that makes Wally's life far from regular! Wally becomes ill but is desperate to go to Tommy's party, so Foulpest comes up with a cure - but as usual things don't go to plan. And when Wally's class goes on an outing he hopes Foulpest isn't going to be there. But... you've guessed it. Foulpest is there in the middle of all the fun! This is a hilarious book with fantastic illustrations. It has two laugh-out-loud stories about these wonderful characters and will be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.

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