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The Little Penguin by Raewyn Caisley
Happy Cat Books ISBN 9781905117581

Tom finds a little penguin lying on the beach. It's been washed up after a big storm and needs help. Can he save the penguin? What should he do?

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My Unwilling Witch Gets a Makeover by Hiawyn Oram
Orchard Books ISBN 9781846160660

'Dear Diary, This is my giant problem: being cat to a witch who doesn't want to be one. And as you will see from these diaries, it makes my life a right Bag of Hedgehogs. So all I can say is, if Haggy Aggy tries to make friends with you, send her straight back to This Side with a spider in her ear.' Rumblewick is a Highly Qualified Witch's Familiar to the Most Unwilling Witch in Witchdom. No wonder he uses every spare moment to scribble away in his diaries. It's the only way he keeps from going totally bats on a broomstick!

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