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My Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure by Betty G Birney
Faber and Faber ISBN 9780571274390

Humphrey the hamster is unsqueakably happy about camping with his friends from Room 26. He tries not to worry about the creepy-crawlies in the garden - but what is the very scary green thing that looks like a snake? And what is the fur-raising monster at the side of the tent? Enjoy the fun and laughter with this delightful character and his friends in this VERY-VERY-VERY exciting adventure. This book is beautifully written and illustrated and is perfect for newly-confident young readers or for reading together.

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Stitch Head by Guy Bass
Stripes Publishing ISBN 9781847151834

Stitch Head was the professor's first creation made up of bits and pieces found in Castle Grotteskew. He is more or less human-shaped but rather small and is now long-forgotten by his maker. One day Stitch Head is approached by the rather frightening Fulbert Freakfinder who is looking for new recruits for his Travelling Carnival of Unnatural Wonders. Could this be the adventure of an almost-lifetime? And will Stitch Head ever find a real friend? This is another laugh-out-loud story from a brilliantly funny writer with amazing illustrations throughout the book. It is sure to delight boys and girls alike.

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