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Laura’s Star Friends Forever by Klaus Baumgart
Little Tiger Press ISBN 9781848951129

Best friends Laura and Sophie plant a chestnut and when the first leaves appear they call it their friendship tree. But Laura's brother Tommy accidentally breaks the sapling. Laura and Tommy are both horrified. How can Laura explain to Sophie what has happened? She is torn between her loyalty to her brother and to her best friend. Will Laura's special friend the Star be able to help her? This delightful story shows the importance of honesty and trust between siblings and friends.

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Dinkin Dings and the Double from Dimension 9 by Guy Bass
Stripes Publishing ISBN 9781847151209

Dinkin Dings is absolutely terrified of everything. His parents are fairly used to his irrational fears and his father thinks he might have come up with some sort of an answer when he offers Dinkin his Hidden Danger Detection Specs. But he hasn't allowed for Dinkin's doom-bringing Double! In this super book, the fantastic writer Guy Bass has come up with another hilarious character and page-turner of a story.

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