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Paddington Races Ahead by Michael Bond
HarperCollins ISBN 9780007458844

Paddington Bear finds himself in the midst of all sorts of misunderstandings as he tries to see the importance of oysters when travelling on a London bus and attempts to take up an offer with a personal trainer. And the Browns are amazed to learn that Paddington is to star in a film - as apparently he is a famous Peruvian athlete. Thank goodness for the certainty of Mrs Bird and her home-made marmalade and elevenses each day with Mr Gruber! This is a brand new book about an old favourite character by the wonderful Michael Bond. Paddington continues to delight children and grown-ups alike with his madcap adventures.

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Guinea Pigs Online by Jennifer Gray and Amanda Swift
Quercus Books ISBN 9780857389909

The guinea pigs Fuzzy and Coco are two very different characters. Fuzzy adores cooking and computers whereas Coco is more interested in being pampered and living a life of luxury. Fuzzy sees an ad by a glamorous chef - Guinea Pigs Wanted - and is keen to follow it up but Coco realises things aren't always what they seem. When Fuzzy goes missing, Coco has to enlist the help of friends to go online and find Fuzzy. Can they track down Fuzzy and the other hoodwinked guinea pigs before they end up on Scarlet Cleaver's menu? Here is a laugh-out-loud adventure about these fantastic crazy characters. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this exciting book with its super illustrations.

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