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The Case of the Missing Hippo by Laura James
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408889312

Fabio is the world's smartest flamingo detective. He lives on the banks of Lake Laloozee and he loves going to the Hotel Royale and drinking pink lemonade on the veranda with his friend Gilbert the giraffe. When he is asked to judge the hotel's talent contest, he is less than enthusiastic. However when the jazz-singing hippo suddenly disappears, Fabio knows he has a mystery on his hands and it is time to discover not the greatest talent but the truth. This is the first book in a super new series with plenty of comedy and crime. The story is complemented by delightful and amusing illustrations.

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The Hidden Staircase by Holly Webb
Stripes ISBN 9781847159151

Polly has recently moved to Penhallow Hall. She loves certain things about it such as the Chinese garden and the rather unusual dogs but she is anxious about starting her new school. However she gets along really well with Lucy who also loves animals. When Polly invites Lucy to Penhallow Hall and shows her around, Lucy seems to like the same things as Polly. And she is drawn to the toy dog that Polly had already found in the nursery. What is the magic that surrounds the hounds of Penhallow Hall? Here is a lovely story that will delight animal-lovers. If you enjoy this book then look out for more super adventures in the series.

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