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Monstrous Maud Big Fright by A B Saddlewick
Buster Books ISBN 9781780550725

Maud Montague is completely unlike her twin Milly. Milly loves ballet and bunnies and all things pink. Maud doesn't. She also dislikes her school Primrose Towers so she is delighted when she finds out there is a place for her at Rotwood School. However when she arrives on her first day she is in for a shock of monstrous proportions. There's more to Rotwood than meets the eye! This is a hilarious book for girls and boys reading on their own or reading together. If you enjoy this story you are sure to like the other titles in the fantastic new Monstrous Maud series.

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Shadows under the Sea by Sally Grindley
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408819449

Joe and Aesha are lucky enough to be travelling to a remote island in the Philippines with their parents who are working in this marine protected area for the summer. They are looking forward to swimming, snorkelling and possibly a bit of an adventure as well as learning more about endangered seahorses through their parents' work. When they realise the nearby coral reefs are being damaged, will they be able to help discover the identity of the criminals? Shadows under the Sea is one of four books by this wonderful writer in the International Rescue series. It is brilliantly written and is both entertaining and informative.

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