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Delphie and the Magic Spell by Darcey Bussell
HarperCollins Children's Books ISBN 9780007286089

Let yourself be whisked away to a faraway land of ballet and magic! Just as Delphie is settling into ballet school, her help is needed in Enchantia where a terrible spell has been cast. Does Delphie hold the key to break the magic spell and help her friends?

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The Goffins Lofty and Eave by Jeanne Willis
Walker Books ISBN 9781406308693

Spending the whole summer at Grandma's house is not George's idea of a good time. But when he explores Grandma's attic and finds an exciting secret among the family heirlooms and photographs, George stops being so resentful. As his new friends, the Goffins, let George into their world, he becomes more understanding and caring. Could there be a goffin in your attic?

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