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Armadillo and Hare by Jeremy Strong
David Fickling Books ISBN 9781788450287

Meet Armadillo and Hare with their Small Tales from the Big Forest. Hare loves many things including picnics on the beach and playing the tuba (with extraordinary consequences) but Armadillo's overriding passion is cheese sandwiches. Even when he paints pictures they are usually studies of - you've guessed, cheese sandwiches! In the forest they meet many other animals such as Jaguar, a beautiful beast, and Giraffe, an elegant creature. They are all delightful and add to the fun in the forest. The latest book from this best-selling author is very entertaining and is complemented by stunning illustrations. It will be enjoyed by readers young and old.

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Tom and Tallulah and the Witches’ Feast by Vivian French
Walker ISBN 9781406371017

Whoosh! Tallulah Tickle crash-lands on her broomstick - late again - at the latest meeting of the Chumley Charmed Circle. As their apprentice witch, she is showing herself to be a dreadful time-keeper and is becoming notorious for burning cakes. However she is given one final chance and is told to prepare a magnificent meal for the other witches. She realises the nasty Gertrude is trying to trick her but, with the support of her brother Tom, will Tallulah be able to come up with an amazing midnight feast in time? Here is a fantastic story that is funny, fast-paced and full of magic and mayhem. It will delight boys and girls alike from start to finish.

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