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Lulu and the Cat in the Bag by Hilary McKay
Scholastic ISBN 9781407117904

Lulu and her cousin Mellie are being looked after by their grandmother. When they find a huge bag on the doorstep they are taken by surprise especially when they realise that it contains something alive. They untie the bag and out jumps an enormous, fluffy golden cat. But where has the cat come from and where is it going to live? This latest adventure in the delightful Lulu series will be enjoyed by boys and girls reading on their own or reading together.

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Zeus Sorts it Out by John Dougherty
Young Corgi Books ISBN 9780552558075

The school bully is being mean to Alex's friend Charlie. Charlie wants to summon Zeus to help them but Alex is not at all sure that this is an entirely good idea. However Zeus appears and he is determined to teach the bully a lesson by re-enacting an ancient Greek legend. Here is a hilarious tale about children, Greek gods, the labours of Heracles and much more. Laugh your way through the story - and don't worry, Zeus will sort it out.

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