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Hi, I'm Ed. And welcome to all you parents, grandparents and teachers out there who want to help your children read better. Ed's Reading Room for Owlets (7 and under) and Owls (7 and over) is a FREE reading skills resource to encourage boys and girls to read more by exploring exciting, recently published books, discussing them and learning from them.

Maggie's List - all the book reviews and reading activities in Ed's Reading Room - has been created with the help of my best friend, teacher Maggie Humphreys. The one question parents always ask Maggie is: 'Which books will improve my children's reading skills?' Well, here is the answer - Ed's Reading Room!

Ed's Books of the Month

Owlets (7 and under)
My Really Wheely Racing Day! My Really Wheely Racing Day!   The Revenge of the Green Meanie The Revenge of the Green Meanie
Owls (7 and over)
Scam on the Cam Scam on the Cam   SWARM: Operation Sting SWARM: Operation Sting
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